The Pink Print: Your Guide To Building Generational Wealth

It’s time we start positioning ourselves into building thriving businesses and obtaining a legacy for our families!   Join other like-minded women for our exclusive group coaching as we discover 9-pillars to building wealth ✅Learn how to implement a strong operational system: Strategically, hire the right talent to work with you, focus on the legal logistics of your business and keep Uncle Sam off your back!  ✅Learn ways to build wealthy revenue options through branding and marketing. Exactly how to create a brand that attracts paying clients in your market!  ✅Focus on building your team with strong leadership and integrity: Specifically, dedicated to grooming the modern day businesswoman into finding ways to keep your team motivated and inspired to continue working with you!  Within this framework, we will fully discuss on take full ownership of our companies, high quality branding as well as increasing our NET WORTH. I’m so excited for this opportunity to share this program with you!  PLUS, You will receive 8 Modules & 26 ADDITIONAL Lessons + a FULL Business Plan and access to our Accountability Think Pink Group 😘 Thank Me Later... I took everything I didn’t know but wish I had when building my business. I was so tired of being TOLD what to do but never shown HOW to actually do it.... I mean, I want to level up too!! SO I BUILT IT! Within this buildable course you can expect the following!: Focusing on your Niche Goal Seeking What’s Going On In Your Industry Insecurities Self-Motivation Next 5-year Plan Marketing Yourself & Your BRAND Marketing 101 Power of Networking Seeking Events In Your Surrounding Area Creating Your Own Special Event “The Money is in the Power of Social Media” Cleaning up your pages Facebook Ads Connecting with your Followers Growing Your Tribe Creating your own content & graphics for Social Media (Saving you TIME & MONEY) Glitz & Glam Becoming Your Brand! Once you are done with all the beginning work, we will jump into high gear with the Team Builder Masterclass!  And SOOOOO MUCH MORE! You will also receive FULL ACCESS to the Think Pink Support Group where we further get into this course as a class from the comfort of our own homes. The Pink Print Business Course is NOT for: Women who believe in quick magic pills to become a millionaire overnight Not ready to invest in their business Always finding excuses as to why she can’t afford to grow Looking to find as much FREE information she can get..... (How is THAT working for you?) The Pink Print Business Course is for BOSSES! This is for women who are: Ready to scale their business to $100,000 + annually per year, flawlessly. Ready to build cashflow that builds generational wealth. Ready to make her own rules in her own stilettos!! Understand that success takes consistency, hard work and ACCOUNTABILITY!  It’s time you start Building Your Business, flawlessly and at your own pace!! Let’s Get It.

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Building Your Brand Like a Leader Masterclass

Your Branding and Emotional Connection to your audience is to:Your Branding and Emotional Connection to your audience is to: 1. Capture attention from others in your niche who are looking for a particular service or product from you. 2. Encourage purchases from your library of business courses filled with a plethora of knowledge I’ve learned over the past 16yrs in business. 3. Develop a relationship with my audience who rely on me. 4. Develop customer loyalty so that they are content with receiving information from you! 5. Make your brand part of your customer's life and so that they seem themselves using your product. Will it benefit them and their life? If so, you’ll have a life long client. 6. Benefit from word of mouth business that comes from loyal customers who provide free advertising and referrals for you. Think what makes you want to purchase from a company? Now think the same way when developing your brand. How can you get your audience to use you 1st over your competition? As business entrepreneurs, we are built for connection, intelligence, grace and ACTION. In life, we tend to personify things, including brands.  The complimentary branding questionnaire included with your business branding course is going to help you really get to the bottom of what you want going forward to clearly define your brand's message and voice. Answer the questions as accurately as possible. You want to identify your weaknesses just as much as your strengths.  Be honest with yourself in this Questionnaire and understand that “I don’t know” is an acceptable answer.   Let's Get It! 

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Yes! This is my Business Plan: How To Develop Your Business with Purpose

If you are: •Sick of working with zero profits. •Tired of being confused on where to begin.  •Unsure of how to dominate your industry.  •Constantly irritated because you are unclear what to do next.  I have been there and I remember those awful feelings all too well as if it were yesterday. Needless to say, I don’t EVER want to go back.  After leaving Corporate America; for 16 years, I have built my business from the ground up. I must admit, there was a lot of trial and error, money lost and confidence diminished. However, I pressed on. I promised myself I would WIN and vowed that I would show others the same.  Now it’s YOUR TURN!  Inside the ultimate business plan, beautifully created with informational based pages, voice Coaching included and strategically outlined to help you Develop Your Business with Purpose! Within the business plan, you will: •Determine how to find a Market Need •Learn to Save your money to INVEST •Build a Dynamite Team to work WITH you •Make yourself aware of your competition •Understand Your Sales and Profits with your Industry •Review Capital required  AND SO MUCH MORE!!  If I can do it, you can too! I know you are looking for an EASY to follow Business Plan to develop yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are in the beginning stages or you are seasoned but need some inspiration so you can GROW!! It’s created just for you!  Let’s Build. Let’s Learn. Let’s Invest. Let’s Get It!  It’s YOUR time!! 

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